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Dr. Wanda Wilkerson

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, Administration, faculty, and staff of TCOR Bible Institute, I would like to welcome you to our academic family. It is our purpose to provide a Christ-centered, Bible-based education for our students. Our desire is that our students will be able to build their lives upon a solid foundation of Christian doctrine and values, as they work towards preparing for a lifetime of ministry for the Kingdom of God.

It is our vision that God will transform TCOR Bible Institute into a center for global spiritual renewal. This will be accomplished as the Holy Spirit ignites a fire in the hearts of our students and they in turn, take the flame of his truth into the entire world as they minister in the name of Jesus Christ.

At the inception of TCOR BI, the eagle was adopted as our mascot, a fitting emblem for our mission. Every eagle is born with the ability to fly; however, the baby eaglet at the appropriate time must be instructed by its parents in the art of flight. We too, recognize the calling and the accompanying gifts and abilities that God has entrusted to our students. However, we realize that our students must be instructed in the proper use of what the Spirit of God has endowed upon them.  We believe it is our mission to teach our eagles how to fly so that they will be transformed into leaders who are centered upon Christ, fashioned after his godly character, and committed to the ministry to which they have been called.  We are so delighted that you have followed the Holy Spirit’s leading in becoming one of our eagles, and again we welcome you to our flight school, for we are a place where eagles learn to fly!

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