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Faculty and Staff

Dawn Johannes, Ph.D.

Dean of Student Academic Affairs

In 2018, Dawn Johannes graduated from TCOR Bible Institute earning a Doctorate in Biblical Theology.  She has more than 20 years experience in education as an English, Journalism and History high school teacher, Curriculum Developer and Assistant Principal in the New York City public school system. She has also taught in Christian high schools and colleges in other states.  Ms. Johannes also has a BA in English, MS in Literacy and acquired post-secondary Advanced Certification to become a licensed principal.  In 2018, she has worked as an assistant instructor at TCOR BI and is currently a professor and Dean of Student Academic affairs.  In addition, Ms. Johannes is President of an education, film and life coaching consulting small business.

Fquira Johannes


Ms. Fquira Johannes is a lover of God's Word. She sincerely believes and easily demonstrates that teaching comes from the heart.  Her pedagogical philosophy is dual-fold: teachers are leaders and every student is unique.  Her educational style is clearly established by her ability to empower, cultivate and expand students' thinking. 


Fquira is a graduate and Assistant Professor at TCOR Bible Institute. She also graduated from Lehman College, New York and North Carolina State University, receiving her Bachelors and Masters in Social Work respectively.  Fquira is a passionate writer and accomplished visual and performance artist affectionately known as Kera Jo. 


Leonard Stanfield


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