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The Coalition of Reformers Bible Institute

Transforming Lives Through The Power of God's Word

We have OPEN ENROLLMENT all year.  You can APPLY for our  2023 semester.

About Our Bible College

  Statement of Faith

  Visions and Missions

Words from the President

  Dr. Wanda Wilkerson

Words from the Office of the Dean

  Dr. Dawn Johannes

How To Apply

Course Catalog


Each course is scheduled for four weeks, with a break in between each course.  We do not run courses


  Associates of Theology

  Bachelors of Theology

  Masters of Theology

  Doctorate of Theology

Faculty and Staff

   Dr. Wanda Wilkerson

   Dr. Dawn Johannes

   Instructor Fquira Johannes

   Instructor Leonard Stanfield

   Instructor Ann Boarman

Certificate Programs

  Single courses offering a comprehensive study of Old and New Testaments

Affordable Programs

  Affordable payment options


All of TCOR Bible Institute’s materials (e.g., website, printed books and/or unprinted manuscripts, articles, handouts, videos, etc.) are copyrighted and registered within the state of North Carolina.  Therefore, any reproduction, adaptation, publication, performance and/or display of TCOR Bible Institute's materials (which includes but not limited to--books, articles, videos, handouts, website, etc.) must first receive written permission from the college prior to use and/or publication.  Failure to do so may lead to copyright infringement.    

For written permission, send request to:

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