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masterS of theology degree

TCOR Bible Institute Requirements


  • Take an Admission Assessment

  • Complete Application with non-refundable application fee.  Effective August 1, there is a nonrefundable $30 (US) application fee which includes processing of the application.

  • Submit copy of high school diploma, transcripts and other requested documents for acceptance into program.


You MUST hold a Bachelors degree in Theology (or the equivalent) from an accredited Christian college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, thus demonstrating an aptitude for advanced study.


  1. TCOR Bible Institute will ONLY accept OFFICIAL/unopened transcripts emailed or mailed directly from the school with the seal. Application will not be processed without receipt of Transcripts.

  2. Payment Options are:


       Cash App: $TCORBible

       If you are unable to use the above services, please email: or call Telephone: 919-602-8094; for further instructions.  In subject line please state: Non-Refundable Application Fee

COST:  $4000

(We offer monthly payment plans, if eligible)

SPECIAL NOTE:  Each course is scheduled for four weeks, with a break in between each course.  We do not run courses simultaneously.


The Masters in Religious Studies is an accelerated 12-15 month program that provides opportunities for students with a previous background in the academic study of religion to expand their knowledge of the social, cultural, and historical contexts of religion, develop in-depth knowledge of religious practices, and acquire proficiency in Christian leadership and ministry. The student wishing to receive an Masters degree is required to take a minimum of 40 credit hours of coursework.

Masters Research Requirement: Each student shall identify a potential research topic of interest which shall be approved by the Dean or designated research paper supervisor. Research topics should be closely related to the coursework studied in the Masters program. The research paper must follow the established research guidelines and formatting. The paper will be evaluated on a "Satisfactory/Not-Satisfactory" basis by the research paper supervisor and a second evaluator, suggested by the supervisor.

To Apply Click Here To Download Application Form:


NOTE:  Email completed Application form to: with $30 non-refundable fee.  Payment can

be made as follows:

PayPal:              TCORBibleInstitute

Cash App:         $TCORBible

Venmo:             @TCORBibleinstitute

Our Masters program is organized in a fashion in which students will be required to pass our Masters courses and simultaneously work on Thesis.  The Masters curriculum requires students to work on their Masters in alignment with the Masters sections (cited below).  Students will be responsible for regularly meeting with our Grad Centers Masters and Thesis Dissertation Team for support and approval of each Thesis section. 


Thesis Sections

I. Abstract/Introduction

II. Literature Review

III. Methodology

IV. Results

V. Discussion/Conclusion




This course is an overview of research methods necessary for academic writing of a Masters Thesis. 

APO 101 APOLOGETICS                                                                            

COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                                                                    The course will seek to formulate the rational basis for believing in Christian theism, with responses to objections and critiques of competing world views. Apologetics is the study of how to give reasons for our Christian hope (1 Pet 3:15). The course has three parts:

I. Christian Theory of Knowledge, II. Historic and Contemporary Views of Apologetic Method, III. Topics in Apologetics. In the first part, we shall ask what Scripture says about human knowledge, particularly the process by which a non-Christian comes to know Christ. The second part will deal with the controversy over apologetics and discuss representatives/thoughts of different apologetic schools. The third portion, will discuss issues under debate between Christians and non-Christians, such as the existence of God, the truth of Scripture, the problem of evil, and the currents of modern and postmodern thought.



COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                                        

This course is an introduction to Greek . Introduces students to the history, alphabet, grammatical terminology and basic features of each Biblical language.


Cults and World Religions is designed to help acquaint Christians with several major religious groups that might be encountered from time to time. This course will embrace two major topics: (1) cults and (2) major world religions. The former consists primarily of religious groups that claim some type of significant identification with Jesus, but deviate substantially from biblical Christianity. These groups generally receive their information based on the teachings of one particular individual; they generally claim belief in the Bible but use alternative book(s) as the real source(s) of spiritual authority. Classic examples include Mormonism and Jehovah Witnesses.



This course will help define the Gospel of the Kingdom and how we can live in the principles and attitudes of the Kingdom more fully.  We will examine the Sermon on the Mount, (which has been called the Manifesto of the King) and take a verse-by-verse examination to determine how we should develop in character as Kingdom citizens and understand the relationship of the Kingdom of Heaven to the world.


This course is an analysis of the tasks, styles, and models of leadership, giving special emphasis to the biblical guidelines and church context of Christian leadership. In this modern era, Christian leadership is a subject terribly trivialized. Perhaps no other topic is so reduced to microwaveable principles than that of leadership. This course, to the contrary, claims that to be a better leader, one must be a better Christian. Leadership that is distinctively Christian is examined in the course through biblical, theological, historical, and practical analysis so that God’s people might more thoroughly follow the Way and show the Way to others.


COURSE DESCRIPTION                                                                        


​This course serves as an introduction to biblical counseling. It will focus on various types of support so that special attention is given to challenging issues that pain today’s generations.  This course will provide a biblical basis for a counseling ministry.

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