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In 2001, Dr.  Wanda Wilkerson, the founder and Senior Pastor of T.C.O.R. (The Coalition of Reformers) Apostolic Prophetic Network and Training Center had a dream for a college to serve their denomination and also to be extended to serve other denominations. After much prayer, the LORD gave her the name, T.C.O.R. Bible Institute, Inc. The Articles of Incorporation were completed on March 25, 2013.







TCOR Bible Institute

 Faculty and Staff

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The faculty at TCOR Bible Institute consist of various men and women who have dedicated their lives to studying the word of God. We have a highly developed and invigorating Bible curriculum. The study of the Bible has been foundational to TCOR BI since its inception.


TCOR BI is committed to providing benchmark college level Bible studies and high-quality instruction from a biblical perspective. The College is committed to retaining highly qualified faculty in order to accomplish its mission. 





  • Dr. Dawn Johannes, Dean

  • Elder Fquira Johannes, Instructor

  • Elder Leonard Stanfield, Instructor



All of TCOR Bible Institute’s materials (e.g., website, printed books and/or unprinted manuscripts, articles, handouts, videos, etc.) are copyrighted and registered within the state of North Carolina.  Therefore, any reproduction, adaptation, publication, performance and/or display of TCOR Bible Institute's materials (which includes but not limited to--books, articles, videos, handouts, website, etc.) must first receive written permission from the college prior to use and/or publication.  Failure to do so may lead to copyright infringement.    

For written permission, send request to:


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