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Dean Dawn Johannes, Ph.D

At TCOR Bible Institute, our academic program consists of courses and instruction designed to provide the best and most thorough education for our students.  We seek to increase our students understanding and appreciation of God’s word to empower students to become agents of change in the Kingdom of God.  

Our mission is to help our students become more Christ-centered, increase in Christian character and ministerial skills as they grow in their commitment to Christian service. At TCOR BI, our tradition has always been to demonstrate excellence, exemplify integrity and teach biblical truth.  Our faculty is caring, experienced and committed to our students' growth and development as Christians workers, pioneers, achievers and leaders. 

It is our heartfelt desire for each of our students to graduate not only attaining a robust Christian education but walk away with a greater love of God as they seek to manifest His desires for their lives. So, we take this time to welcome you and wish you well in your transformation and educational endeavors.

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