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At TCOR BI, we understand that many desire to further their Biblical studies but due to financial constraints don’t consider applying to Bible college.  This is why we offer affordable monthly payment options.     


The monthly payment options are based according to the degree or certificate course(s) that you would like to pursue.  If you are interested in participating in our monthly plan,  please email:  Ms. Dawn Johannes at


Thank you. 


All of TCOR Bible Institute’s materials (e.g., website, printed books and/or unprinted manuscripts, articles, handouts, videos, etc.) are copyrighted and registered within the state of North Carolina.  Therefore, any reproduction, adaptation, publication, performance and/or display of TCOR Bible Institute's materials (which includes but not limited to--books, articles, videos, handouts, website, etc.) must first receive written permission from the college prior to use and/or publication.  Failure to do so may lead to copyright infringement.    

For written permission, send request to:

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